Music worth listening to!

Many many songs have been written, many genre’s.. over a large amount of time.

As a Sound Engineer / Producer, I get to listen to a wide variety of music, and this blog post will concentrate on some killer bands, songs and hopefully educate some of you in lesser know artists.

I don’t really like defining an artist as EDM, or Jazz, but it seems to help people understand the rough type of music it is. If I had my way, there would only be two Genre’s of music, Good & Bad!

Snarky Puppy – Modern Jazz / Fusion

We Like it Here (album)

Family Dinner (2 albums)

Toto – 80’s Pop/Rock / Rock / AOR

A group of insane musicians, who have worked on many projects like Thriller – Michael Jackson (album).

Albums to get into – Falling in Between (album + live album), Isolation, Toto IV.

 Some of their greatest hits, namely, Pamela, Rosanna, Caught in the Balance & of course Africa. Along with Bottom of Your Soul, I Will Remember, Gift of Faith & On the Run.

Israel Houghton (& Nu Breed) – Gospel

The Love God, Love People album and The Power of One albums are a fresh sound, and stay on repeat for months in the car.

Marvin Sapp – Gospel

Thirsty (album) – my favourites are Possess the Land, Magnify & Shout unto God.

The Myriad – Alt Rock

With arrows, with poise (album). There are some great songs on this album, for example You Waste Time like a Grandfather Clock, A Clean Shot & Holiest of Thieves.

Steven Curtis Chapman – CCM

Glorious Unfolding (album)

Speechless (album)

Worship & Believe (album)

Favourites from these albums include Dive, We Believe, Love take me Over, Next 5 Minutes, You are Being Loved & More than Conquerers. Worth a listen.

Gary Go – Pop

Gary Go (album) packs a punch, the songs Engines, So So and Wonderful in particular are my favourites. Defiantly worth checking out

Amanda Cook – CCM

Brave New World (album)

Favourite songs include Mercy, Pieces and City of Hope.

Justin Bieber – Pop

Purpose (album), I’m loving this album at the moment, particularly  Love Yourself, Sorry & I’ll Show You. its great to hear him mature from Baby to this album. I used to dislike Justin, but he is certainly growing on me.

Steve Lukather – Rock

The guitarist from Toto, and outstanding session musician has released several solo projects, Ever Changing Times, Transition & All’s Well That Ends Well are three great albums. Get into them!

Josh Devine & Ollie Green – Pop / Rock

Through the Fire (album)

Jailhouse, Here to Stay and Don’t Let it Go smash it. Josh has been touring recently with OneDirection, allowing a vast range of experiences to flow. Personally I can’t wait for the follow up album, having heard some of the process, I can say its going to be great!

Secret & Whisper – Alt Rock

Great White Whale (album) hosts some great songs, XOXOXO, Vanishings & Spider Besider are my top 3.

Twelve24 – Rap / Pop / EDM

From the Ground Up, their latest album, has moved forwards leaps and bounds from the previous albums Better Words & Tell the Truth.

140 Interlude, Good Thing, Say Yes, Higher along with Hurricane, Vegas Remix and Oblivion.

Alicia Keys – Songs in A Minor

Classic album. Nothing else to say. Go and listen now!

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