Worship on a budget

My last post covered how I run Backing Tracks in a worship setting.

But this isn’t the only way to do it, its very effective, allows for expansion. Though its quite complex for the beginner and takes a while to setup. Ideally also takes a car to carry it all around & offers a wide range of flexibility, but comes with a price tag to match it.


If you have an iPad, you can download an app called Prime. Loop Community has made it possible for every church to play backing tracks. This interface is simple to use, and pretty much explains itself. The Backing Track is panned all the way Right (Blue), while the Click and Cues Tracks are panned all the way to the Left (Red).


Prime has a few features that are better than competitors. Namely, the instrument tracks can be muted separately and volumes can be altered. Above the setlist and instrumentation, you can see that the tracks are split up into different section. While the track is being played it is possible to skip back to a chorus, bridge etc. this greatly aid’s spontaneity. There is also a loop function, that allows you to loop the current section of the song.


To use this method, all you need is an account with Loop Community and your set to download straight to the app. It is possible to create your own tracks, upload them to your LoopCommunity account, and then download them to the app. This removes the ability to skip backwards / forwards in the track.


As stated earlier, this is far more portable, as all you need is a couple of XLR’s, a stereo DI box (or 2 mono DI’s) and a minijack to 2 jack cable. This along with the iPad fits into a rucksack – or a large handbag for you girls. This is a system that we use in the rare occasion that I cannot be there, and my Wife has to multitask (more than normal).

Using InEars with this rig would involve sending the stereo send back to the mixer, (Red – Click/Cues & Blue – Backing Instruments). This would then be controlled by the tech.

To conclude.. a nice and simple system that gives people with a range of abilities use backing tracks successfully. Oh and did I mention that its free. Just pay for the tracks that you need. No brainer!

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