Exciting news! DC Sound Op Contributor status..

Hi all,

As many of you know and love DCSoundOp.com already, you may be interested to know that I am now officially a Contributor to the site.

You can check the direct link to my page here..


What does this mean for DanBamberAudio? Not a great deal will change in terms of content that gets put out, but it does give a little recognition for all the hours we’ve slogged away editing, and gives us a new audience to interact with. Either way we are super excited to start the new (tax) year with some good news.

If you have not heard of DC Sound Op.. where have you been hiding?

Check the homepage and youtube channel here..

Or just read his blurb..

“DcSoundOp is an independent content creator that produces Pro Audio and Live Sound original content that is accessible for all levels. Our videos, articles and digital media include in-depth gear reviews, teardowns, first looks, interviews, how to’s, sound system walkthroughs, and the Live Sound Basics series.”

Happy Quarantine!

Quarantine Questions

As you are all aware, everyone in the world is pretty much confined to their living rooms, as such, we have decided to make a bit more content for you. This is a little mini series chatting with different techs about all sorts of real world issues and topics relating to Live Sound. First few interviews are up, with more on the way!

Take a look!

Stay safe everyone.. Happy Quarantine!

What’s in the Peli?

I carry a pretty comprehensive toolcase with me to most gigs. It has grown significantly over the last few years. When I started out, just carrying Lx tape, Sharpie, Leatherman and Torch shoved in a rucksack got me by. Nowadays, there is a higher expectation on my to have everything and make the gig work, even if broken equipment / cables have been sent out! This list of stuff rarely changes, and whether i’m travelling as a Band Engineer, Sent off with a van to a function gig, or putting up PA Systems and 60″ Tv’s at Corporate Conferences / Exhibitions as an AV Tech, all the things have been used on one gig or another.

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