What I do..

Dan started out in high school along the same lines as many other engineers, as a musician ready to help others and get the best possible results for the shows. Over the 12 years (and counting) Dan has worked with some of the biggest names in UK Politics, Music, Sport and The Arts.

I provide the following services;

Corporate Sound Engineer

Plenty of my gigging experience has been in Corporate Venues, Office Spaces & Hotel Function rooms, with Hosts on Lapels in front of speakers in less than ideal environments.

Some previous clients include;

  • Manchester City Football Club
  • The Conservative Party
  • Footlocker
  • Virgin Media
  • HMRC
  • Dept for Work + Pensions

Expo Tech

The Expo (Exhibition) World is a bit of the events world I didn’t really know existed before I worked in it. The skills needed to be successful in this field are numerous. Everything from hanging 110″ TVs on exhibition walls to iPads mounted to desks.

I have worked the largest shows in the UK and across Europe, from running a couple of mics into a 2 speaker PA for 30 guest to Keynote conferences A1 for 800+ NHS staff.

  • Euro Finance
  • Civil Service Live
  • Vita Foods
  • CIPD
  • IP Expo

LED Tape (Strip) Tech

TV work is something I always aspired to be involved in. It fascinated me how a show could be produced and sent out (almost) live.

Mainly installing Set LED, I have worked on shows like;

  • Don’t Unleash the Beast
  • Question Of Sport
  • Rolling In It
  • Sports Relief
  • Tipping Point
  • Unforgivable
  • The Voice
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

“Dan is an A grade tech, consistent, reliable, flexible, talented and a fantastic team player. I have worked with him across a variety of events, with both conference audio, and live events with various last minute challenges of small (less than 50 people) and larger (more than 500 people) sizes and have never seen a foot wrong.”

Pascale – Freelance Project Manager (Reference from LinkedIn)

Stage Patch / Stage Manager

Seamless Changeovers, Artist management, both the technical aspect of getting the stage ready for the bands and keeping everyone running to schedule.

Some acts / gigs include;

  • The Osmonds (Merrill & Jay)
  • De La Soul
  • Groove Armarda
  • Goldie
  • Congo Natty
  • RakSu
  • Lee Scratch Perry

AV Tech

Silent Conferences, Digital Signage, Seamless Video Walls, running audio and video throughout an event.

I have worked the largest shows in an AV role including;

  • Netball World Cup 2019
  • Liberal Democrats Conference
  • Conservative Conference
  • Civil Service Live
  • Ideal Home Show

Video Switching

From Sporting Events to Rock&Roll shows to Corporate Seminar Rooms, mixture of Camera feeds and external media sources alongside the usual PPT presentations, Slido and multiple outputs for Preview, Main Output and Notes / Timer.

  • Atem Television Studio HD
  • Analog Way Pulse 2
  • Roland 800HD

“Dan has to be one of the best freelancer I have ever come across in the industry. Not only one of the most skilled audio engineers but a fantastic all round technician. He is without a doubt the first person I call with any requirement I have. I have no reservations in recommending Dan for any job whether it be audio, lighting, video or project management.”

Scott – Account Manager (Reference from LinkedIn)

Band Sound Tech

I have toured the UK extensively, along with parts of Europe with several different bands.

From a small 2 sub 2 top rig and an iPad for control through to 2500 capacity venues on an SD9.

Bands include; The Osmonds, SoulPatrol, Malokai, Rebecca Fergurson, Crossfya, Brightline, OTC, Soulbox, Sam Bailey, Amongst Wolves, Twelve24, Bang Bang Romeo, SocialBeingz.

Project Management

Leading on from Expo work, and given my wide range of skills, I moved up into a Project Manager role several of my Expo focused Clients.

Handling all the usual issues and leading the team in a clear, and concise way.

LED (Panel) Tech

I’ve worked with a range of panels, in a range of settings, from TV to High End Corporate to Rock & Roll to Sporting Events.

  • Absen A3 Pro
  • Absen PL3.9
  • AOTO RM Series 1.5 + 2.31
  • Chauvet PVPS5
  • CoLeder 2.9
  • DeSay 5.1
  • DigiLED
  • DigiLED DigiThin
  • Martin LC
  • Roe Black Onyx
  • Roe CB5
  • Roe CB8
  • Roe Ruby

“Dan has been a technician on my shows on a number of occasions, he regularly goes above and beyond to deliver the best experience for our clients. He has a great outlook and is always happy to help overcome the regular curveballs that the exhibition AV industry throws at us. he’s not only great to work with because of his attitude and client skills, he knows his stuff, one of those technicians that you can let get on with it, with the confidence he will get it done whatever the challenge. Don’t hire him, I want him all of my shows.”

Cameron – Account Manager (Reference from LinkedIn)

Playback Tech

Ableton is my favourite Multiple Audio + Midi Playback software (sorry QLab!)

Having run several different types of show off other DAWs, having a solid foundation in both QLab and Ableton is a great starting place no matter the budget.

QLab Tech

From Festivals & Award Shows controlled by me to Touring Acts controlled by the drummer, who needs the most user friendly control of the playback possible.

Running Click, Multiple Audio Stems and Video playback is a breeze.

Backline Tech

Having grown up playing Drums, Bass, Guitars and a little Piano in various bands and churches.

I am competent in assisting a band setup rapidly on stage, including changing guitar strings, and nerding out over pedals / amps.

“Dan is an exceptionally skilled sound technician with an incredible eye for detail. I have worked with him on various projects from conferences to live music events. Always happy to give advice pre event and real asset to the industry.”

Gareth – Project Manager (Reference from LinkedIn)

Let’s make something beautiful together.

“Dan is amazing Sound guy, I had opportunity to work with him for different events and I never had a problem. I highly recommend him!”

Domenico – Tour Manager (Reference from LinkedIn)

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