Beginners Guide – Signal Chain

This is going to be the first ‘beginners guide’ to sound post. I don’t intend to go into too much detail, as I d often do training sessions with groups, that go into more detail. If your interested in that, get in contact. So short and sweet it is!

Worship on a budget

My last post covered how I run Backing Tracks in a worship setting. But this isn’t the only way to do it, its very effective, allows for expansion. Though its quite complex for the beginner and takes a while to setup. Ideally also takes a car to carry it all around & offers a wide range of flexibility,Continue reading “Worship on a budget”

Wedges vs InEars

Note to you that this is a long post, with many sections. And while I will aim to cover all the options and keep impartial it may not happen. Also I am writing this post more from my musician side rather than a technical perspective, although they naturally collide, (apologies if you wanted to know whetherContinue reading “Wedges vs InEars”

iPad Apps for Live Sound – Part 3 – iLive Mix Pad

Here comes part 3 of the series… Allen&Heath’s Mix Pad – iLive Series I use iLive desks quite regularly. Although I try not to use the iPad app that often, I have been forced to use it in venues where the desk is up on a balcony / side stage. You will see why by the endContinue reading “iPad Apps for Live Sound – Part 3 – iLive Mix Pad”

iPad Apps for Live Sound – Part 1 – Yamaha Stage Mix

I have had quite a bit of experience with the various medium sized digital consoles. and as part of how I work, I use the iPad apps to either run around the room, or set stage levels. I thought that I could leave you with a summary of my favourite features of the apps andContinue reading “iPad Apps for Live Sound – Part 1 – Yamaha Stage Mix”